Freight Forwarding

We offer worldwide freight forwarding services via all modes of transportation. We achieved successful track record of handling freight forwarding services for various types of cargo ranging from jewelry, commodities, fresh produce, drinks &beverage,construction materials, automobiles, large machinery, oversize cargo, and dangerous cargo.

  • Member of TIFFA / FNC freight forwarding networks
  • Services for all main port worldwide
  • Best expertise in handling door-to-door shipments to/from Asia, US and Europe
  • Co-loader to many destination in Asia
  • Extensive forwarding agent networks for greater services and rates


Customs Clearance

We have strong working relationship with Thai Customs department. We focus on the quality and accuracy of our documents in order to deliver fast customs clearance services and provide best benefits to our customers.

We have 3 certified customs specialists who are experts in Customs Laws and Regulations and can work side-by-side with your company in providing solutions to customs law problems.

  • One of the Top 5 most professional customs broker in Thailand in term of size and market experiences
  • Outsource customs clearance supplier for global logistics companies in Thailand
  • Profession in handling customs clearance for in-transit & transhipment with license throughout CLMV countries (AEC)
  • Special Licensed Customs Brokerage with AEO standard
  • 3 Licensed Customs Specialists working full-time
  • Key member of the Thai Licensed Customs Brokerage Association
  • 80 full-time staff with high volume capacity of more than 4,000 shipments handled per month



Equipped with state-of-the-art technology of inland transportation and cross border to neighboring countries, RTN offers seamless and best quality logistics services. 100% of our trucks are equipped with satellite tracking services that allow us to track the current location of your goods. Trucking fleet is managed by TMS system that allows customer to ensure transportation quality and accuracy. All goods we transported are insured with minimum compensation amount of 10 Million Baht per accidence, in case there are any unexpected circumstances.

RTN Logistics trucking services is certified by Q-Mark standard certificate from Department of Land Transport of Thailand to guarantee our trucking services quality and safety in transportation.

We have experiences in handling dangerous cargo shipment i.e. Liquid cargo, chemical products. Our emergency team is well-trained for the accidents that may happen during transportation. Our transportation services including the following:

• Multimodal Transportation
• Cross-Border Transportation to Malaysia, Laos ,Cambodia,Vietnam,China
• Reefer container transportation
• Over-Sized & Heavy Cargo Handling
• Dangerous Cargo Handling
• Messenger Service for Fast Documents Delivery

Trucking Fleet Details

• International Transportation License from Department of Land Transport (for Cross-border trucking services)
• Thailand Transportation License from Department of Land Transport (for Domestic and Import/Export trucking services)
• 100 Trucks i.e. Prime Movers, 10W flatbed, 10W with cabinet, 6W Large with cabinet, 6W Small with cabinet, 4W with cabinet
• 180 20’/ 40’/ Flatbed/ Lowbed Trailer Chassis
• 100 own-containers for domestic and cross-border services





  • General Warehouse & Temperature-controlled warehouse

WMS system

  • Inventory report
  • Nearly expiration products warning
  • Replenishment warning & report
  • Customer’s real-time web-based tracking

Distribution services with our own truck fleet

  • Distribute daily to key department stores
  • Distribute to the main logistics hubs